Exporting a Hardware Specification in Vivado

To export the hardware specification required for SDK, do the following in Vivado® IP integrator:

  1. In Vivado, select File > Export > Export Hardware.
  2. In the Export Hardware dialog box, you can choose to select the Include bitstream check box. When you select this option, IP integrator exports hardware platform information, including a bitstream .bit file containing your hardware design for download to the board. The bitstream is generated by running the Vivado® implementation tools, which might take few minutes to many hours depending on the complexity of your design.
    Note: You can export without selecting this option, if the hardware platform information exists and bitstream generation is not required.
  3. In the Export to field, specify the directory into which IP integrator will place the exported files.
  4. Click OK to generate hardware platform information to be used by SDK when developing software applications.
  5. Select File > Launch SDK. The Launch SDK dialog box appears.
  6. In the Exported location field, specify the location of the exported hardware. Default is Local to project.
  7. In the Workspace field, specify the SDK workspace location. Default is Local to project.
  8. Click OK to launch the SDK with the specified hardware and workspace locations.