Using a Remote Host with System Debugger

  1. Setting Up the Remote System Environment
    1. Running hw_server with non-default port (for example: 3122) enables remote connections. Use the following command to launch hw_server on port 3122:
          hw_server -s TCP::3122
    2. Make sure your board is correctly connected.
    3. In a cmd window of the host machine, check the IP Address:

  2. Setting Up the Local System for Remote Debug
    1. Launch SDK.
    2. Select the application to debug remotely.
    3. Select Run > Debug Configurations.
    4. Create a new system debugger configuration.
    5. In the Target Setup tab, click New to create a new target connection.

    6. In the New Target Connection dialog box, add the required details for the remote host that is connected to the target.
    7. Target Name: Type a name for the target.
    8. Host: IP address or name of the host machine.
    9. Port: Port on which the hardware server was launched, such as 3121.

    10. Select Use Symbol Server to ensure that the source code view is available, during debugging the application remotely. Symbol server acts as a mediator between hardware server and SDK.
    11. Click OK.
    12. Now you can see that there are two available connections. In this case, remote_zc702_1 is the remote connection.

    13. Select or add the remaining debug configuration details and click Debug.