Xilinx SDK Development Flow Overview

The typical flow for using Xilinx® SDK to develop a software application for Vivado® embedded system design is as follows:

  1. Invoke Xilinx SDK. When prompted, open an existing workspace, or create a new one.
    Note: When creating a new workspace, use a Hardware Platform that was generated from Vivado® IP Integrator.
  2. Develop your software application. Xilinx SDK provides documentation for software libraries and drivers that are part of the board support package.
  3. SDK creates a default linker script for the application. Linker generation tools can be used to modify the memory map.
  4. When you are ready to test your application on the hardware target, run/debug the application by creating the run/debug configuration. Also, if required, download the hardware bitstream to the FPGA device.

You can design your hardware platform in parallel with software development. You can have Xilinx SDK update your hardware platform specification by pointing to a different version and have it modify your workspace for the new hardware platform.

This product includes software developed by the Eclipse Project (http://www.eclipse.org/).