HSI Commands

XSCT provides higher level abstraction commands for Hardware Software Interface (HSI) commands and you normally do not have to run the HSI commands in XSCT. However, if there is a need, you can run HSI commands by prefixing hsi to each HSI command. For example, hsi open_hw_design.

Note: You can use only one set of the commands at a time on any design. Interleaving both sets of commands will lead to internal errors. For example, a design opened with hsi open_hw_design cannot be closed using closehw.
  • XSCT keeps track of the open designs (both software and hardware). The table below lists the HSI commands and their corresponding XCST commands.
    HSI Command Corresponding XSCT Command

    hsi open_hw_design


    hsi close_hw_design


    hsi open_sw_design


    hsi close_sw_design


  • Any modifications done to the software design or the BSP, using HSI commands, are stored in memory. Before using any other XSCT commands, you should run the updatemss XSCT command, to ensure that these modifications are stored in the .mss file of the BSP.

For more details on the HSI commands and their usage, refer to the Generating Basic Software Platforms Reference Guide (UG1138).