Modifying BSP Settings

Below is an example XSCT session that demonstrates building a Hello World application to target the MicroBlaze™ processor. The STDIN & STDOUT OS parameters are changed to use the MDM_0.

Note: Once the BSP settings are changed, it is necessary to update the mss & regenerate the BSP sources to reflect the BSP changes in the source file before compiling.
setws /tmp/wrk/workspace
createhw –name hw0 –hwspec /tmp/wrk/system_mb.hdf
createapp –name hello –app {Hello World} –proc microblaze_0 –hwproject hw0 –os standalone
configbsp -bsp hello_bsp stdin mdm_0
configbsp –bsp hello_bsp stdout mdm_0
updatemss -mss hello_bsp/system.mss
regenbsp -bsp hello_bsp
projects –build