Application Timeline

Application Timeline collects and displays host and device events on a common timeline to help you understand and visualize the overall health and performance of your systems. These events include:

  • OpenCL™ API calls from the host code.
  • Device trace data including AXI transaction start/stop, kernel start/stop, etc.

Timeline and device trace data are not collected by default because the runtime needs to periodically unload the trace data from the FPGA, which can add additional time to the overall application execution. However, the device data is collected with dedicated hardware inside the FPGA, so the data collection does not affect kernel functionality on the FPGA. The following sections describe setups required to enable time and device data collection.

Turning on device profiling is intrusive and can negatively affect overall performance. This feature should be used for system performance debugging only.
Note: Device profiling can be used in Emulation-HW without negative impact.