Waveform View and Live Waveform Viewer

The SDx™ Development Environment can generate a Waveform view and spawn a Live Waveform viewer when running hardware emulation. It displays in-depth details on the emulation results at system level, compute unit (CU) level, and at function level. The details include data transfers between the kernel and global memory, data flow via inter-kernel pipes as well as data flow via intra-kernel pipes. They provide many insights into the performance bottleneck from the system level down to individual function call to help developers optimize their applications.

Waveform View and Live Waveform are not enabled by default because they require the runtime to generate a simulation waveform during hardware emulation, which consumes more time and disk space. The following sections describe setups required to enable data collection.

Note: The Waveform view allows you to look directly at the device transactions from within the SDx™ Development Environment. In contrast, the Live Waveform capability actually spawns the simulation waveform viewer that visualizes the hardware transactions in addition to potentially user selected internal signals.