pragma SDS data zero_copy


TIP: Refer to pragma SDS data copy for a complete description of the zero_copy pragma.

The COPY pragma implies that data is explicitly copied between the host processor memory and the hardware function, using a suitable data mover for the transfer. The ZERO_COPY pragma means that the hardware function accesses the data directly from shared memory through an AXI master bus interface.

Example 1

The following example shows a ZERO_COPY pragma with multiple arrays specified to generate a direct memory interface with DDR and the hardware function:
#pragma SDS data zero_copy(in1[0:mat_dim*mat_dim], in2[0:mat_dim*mat_dim], out[0:mat_dim*mat_dim])
void matmul_partition_accel(int *in1,  // Read-Only Matrix 1
                            int *in2,  // Read-Only Matrix 2
                            int *out,  // Output Result
                            int mat_dim); //  Matrix Dim (assumed only square matrix) {

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