The Xilinx® SDx tools, including the SDAccel™ and SDSoC™ environment, provide command-line utilities and a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The tools and commands provided enable the development of designs similar to a software-based design flow, where the source code is first compiled and then linked against each other. This flow applies to the host application as well as the hardware kernels in the FPGA.

The commands and utilities described in this guide are:

  • XOCC Compiler (xocc): The Xilinx OpenCL™ compiler (xocc) is a command line utility for compiling kernel accelerator functions and linking them with the SDAccel environment supported platforms.
  • SDSCC/SDS++ System Compilers (sdscc/sds++): The SDSCC/SDS++ system compilers (sdscc/sds++, referred to as sds++) compile and link C/C++ source files into an application-specific hardware/software system-on-chip (SoC), targeting embedded Arm Cortex-A9, A53, and R5 CPUs with programmable logic hardware accelerators.
  • Emulation Configuration Utility (emconfigutil): The emulation configuration utility (emconfigutil) is used to automate the creation of the emulation configuration file.
  • Xilinx Board Installation Utility (xbinst): The Xilinx board installation utility (xbinst) is used to install and generate all necessary files for the platform support package for the FPGA card.
  • Xilinx Board Swiss Army Knife Utility (xbsak): The Xilinx Board Swiss Army Knife utility (xbsak) is a command line utility used to perform various board administration and debug tasks independent of the SDAccel runtime library, and for the SDAccel tools installation.
  • SDSoC Utility (sdx_pack): The sdx_pack utility allows for publishing RTL IP as a C library (.a file). For use by software developers.

This document provides a reference for commands, syntax, and the various options that are available for each of the utilities. Some of the settings can be configured through the SDx GUI or using command line options. The xbinst, xbsak and sdx_pack utilities are only available through the command line.