xbinst (Xilinx Board Installation) Utility

The FPGA acceleration card plugged into the host machine must have the associated Linux kernel driver, firmware, and runtime libraries installed before it can run the user applications. The SDAccel™ environment provides a Xilinx® board installation utility, xbinst to generate all necessary files for the platform support package for the FPGA card. It creates an installation script to compile and install the driver, firmware, and runtime libraries. It also provides a small ready to use example to test the installed platform.

The xbinst utility requires superuser privileges on the host machine to run. The supported options are listed here.

Table 1. xbinst Options
Option Valid Values Description
-h/--help N/A Print Usage Message.
-f/--platform <arg> Supported platform from SDAccel installation or the full path to platform definition file for custom platforms Required. All installed platforms are listed at SDAccel Developer Zone: Platforms.
-d/--destination <arg> Valid path on the file system. Required destination directory for driver and firmware for the specified platform.
-z/--archive N/A Archive board installation files for deployment.
-p/--deploy N/A Deploy board installation files.
--classic N/A Release classic drivers and binaries.
--platform_repo_paths <arg> Valid path on the file system Specify a user platform directory.

Follow the instructions below to install the driver and firmware for the FPGA card on the host machine. The xilinx_kcu1500_dynamic_5_0 DSA is used as an example. Replace it with the DSA for the actual card plugged into the system.

All commands need to be run with superuser privileges.

  1. Create a board installation directory.
    sudo mkdir -p /opt/dsa/xilinx_kcu1500_dynamic_5_0
  2. Run xbinst to generate all necessary files.
    $ sudo xbinst --platform xilinx_kcu1500_dynamic_5_0
    -d /opt/dsa/<file_path>/xilinx_kcu1500_dynamic_5_0
    ****** xbinst v2018.2_sdx
      **** Copyright 1986-2018 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    INFO: [XBINST 60-267] Packaging for ..
    INFO: [XBINST 60-268] Packaging for ..Complete
    INFO: [XBINST 60-667] xbinst has successfully created a board installation directory 
    at <file_path>/*_dsa

    If you installed a custom platform, the full path to the platform package file needs to be provided to the xbinst command as shown in the following example:

    $ sudo xbinst -f /platform/repo/vendor_board_name_version.xpfm -d custom_platform
  3. Install the driver, firmware, and runtime libraries.
    $cd <verson>_dsa/xbinst/
    $ sudo ./install.sh

    This performs the following:

    • Compile and install Linux kernel device drivers.
    • Install the firmware files to the Linux firmware area.
    • Generate a setup.sh (Bash) or setup.csh (for csh/tcsh) to set up the runtime environment. You must source the setup script before running any application on the target FPGA card.
      TIP: You can use sudo ./install.sh -k no to generate the setup.csh and setup.sh without installing the drivers.
    • Test the install by running a ready-to-use example:

      $source setup.csh
      $cd test
      $./verify.exe verify.xclbin