xbsak (Xilinx Board Swiss Army Knife) Utility

The Xilinx® Board Swiss Army Knife (xbsak) utility is a standalone command line utility that can perform the following board administration and debug tasks independent of the SDAccel™ runtime library (.so) and for the SDAccel tools installation:

  • Board administration tasks:
    • Flash device configuration memory of the board.
    • Reboot boards without rebooting the host.
    • Reset hung boards.
    • Query board status, sensors, and PCIe® AER registers.
  • Debug operations:
    • Download the SDAccel binary (.xclbin) to FPGA.
    • Test DMA for PCIe bandwidth.
    • Show status of compute units.

The xbsak utility automatically adds itself to your path when you run the setup.{csh|sh} file. The xbinst created the setup.{csh|sh} file when it generated the deployment files for the deployment machine.