Using Xilinx SDK

Getting Started with Xilinx SDK
The Xilinx Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a complete environment for creating software applications targeted for Xilinx embedded processors. It includes a GNU-based compiler toolchain, JTAG debugger, flash programmer, middleware libraries, bare-metal BSPs and drivers for Xilinx IP. Xilinx SDK also includes a robust IDE for C/C++ bare-metal and Linux application development and debugging. Based upon the open source Eclipse platform, SDK incorporates the C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT).
Embedded Hardware Components
Xilinx and its Alliance Members deliver embedded tools and runtime environments designed to enable you to efficiently and quickly move from concept to release. We provide you with all the components needed to create your embedded system using Xilinx Zynq SoC and MPSoC devices, and MicroBlaze processor cores, including tools for profiling and debug, open source and bare metal drivers, and multiple runtime & Multi-OS environments.
Hardware Platform Specification
The Hardware Platform Specification file captures all the information and files from a Xilinx® Embedded Development Kit (EDK) hardware design that is required for a software developer to write, debug, and deploy software applications for that hardware. SDK uses the Hardware Description file to detect the processor(s) and memory mapped peripherals present in the hardware.
Working with Projects
Projects are your final application containers. The project directory that is created contains (or links to) your C/C++ source files, executable output file, and associated utility files, such as the make files used to build the project.
Board Support Packages (SDK)
A board support package (BSP) is a collection of libraries and drivers that will form the lowest layer of your application software stack. Your software applications must link against or run on top of a given software platform using the APIs that it provides. Therefore, before you can create and use software applications in SDK, you must create a board support package.
Working with XSDB
The Xilinx System Debugger (XSDB) in the SDK is an integrated debugger supporting Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, Zynq-7000 AP SoC and MicroBlaze core. It supports all the common debug features such as setting breakpoints or watchpoints, stepping through program execution, viewing the program variables and stack, and viewing the contents of the memory in the system. It can also simultaneously debug programs running on different processors (in a multi-processor system), all from within the same debug environment.
Working with XSCT
Xilinx Software Commandline Tool (XSCT) is an interactive and scriptable commandline interface to Xilinx Software Development Kit.
Software Profiling
Profiling tools in SDK help identify bottle necks in your code occurring due to the interaction of functions that are executed within the programmable logic, and on the processor. SDK supports hierarchical profiling - allowing the user to view which called functions, or which calling functions are affecting processor performance the most.
Performance Analysis
Creating high-performing SoC based systems takes time and requires insight into the interactions between the software and the peripherals. Tools that allow you to gather performance data and visualize your system are critical to achieving performance targets. The Xilinx System Performance Analysis toolbox (available in the XSDK) allows you to model, measure, analyze and optimize your system.
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