SDAccel Development Environment Help for 2019.1

SDAccel Environment Release Notes, Installation, and Licensing Guide
Find out about enhancements and changes to the SDAccel™ environment for each release.
SDAccel Environment User Guide
Provides an overview of the SDAccel™ development environment, such as project creation, system build, application debugging, and profiling and optimization. Describes the command-line use of the tool, as well as the RTL kernel creation process.
SDAccel Environment Programmers Guide
Describes the requirements for writing a host application in the SDAccel™ development environment, writing kernel functions for acceleration on FPGAs, and managing interactions between the host application and accelerated kernels.
SDAccel Environment Debugging Guide
Discusses performing software debugging of the host application and accelerated kernel functions using the debug features in the SDAccel™ development environment. Discusses hardware debugging of accelerated kernel functions running on the accelerator card. Also provides a review of debugging techniques for specific problems.
SDAccel Environment Profiling and Optimization Guide
Learn about profiling the host application and accelerated kernel functions in the SDAccel™ development environment. Describes different optimization techniques to improve application performance or reduce device resources. Provides information about the host application, accelerated kernels functions, and the interface between them.
SDx Command and Utility Reference Guide
Provides a reference for the SDx™ command, and various utilities used in the Xilinx® development environment. Describes the Xilinx OpenCL™ Compiler Command Line Utility (XOCC) for compiling and linking the hardware accelerated kernels, xbutil for installing and running accelerator cards, platforminfo for extracting information about referenced accelerator cards, and the package_xo command for creating RTL kernels.
Xilinx Runtime (XRT) Architecture Documentation
The Runtime (XRT) Architecture documentation is available on the Xilinx Github site at this link:
SDx Pragma Reference Guide
Provides reference information detailing OpenCL™ attributes, SDS pragmas, and HLS pragmas for the SDAccel™ development environment. The OpenCL attributes and HLS pragmas can be used to optimize the performance of the host code and accelerated kernels.
Xilinx OpenCV User Guide
Provides a reference to the FPGA-optimized xfOpenCV library, for application developers using Zynq®-7000 SoC and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices. The xfOpenCV library has been designed for use in the SDx™ development environment, and it provides a software interface for computer vision functions accelerated on a Xilinx® system-on-a-chip (SoC).