Useful Command Line Utilities

There are various Xilinx® command line utilities that provide detailed information to help construct xocc command line and information about the platform, including SLR resource availability.

These include:

  • platforminfo Utility: The platfominfo utility queries the platforms for which SDx installation to use.
  • kernalinfo Utility: The kernalinfo utility prints the function definitions in the given Xilinx object file (XO) file.
  • xclbinutil Utility: The xclbinutil utility operates on a xclbin produced by Xilinx®OpenCL™ Compiler.
  • Emulation Configuration Utility : The emulation configuration utility is used to automate the creation of the emulation configuration file.
  • Xilinx Board Utility: The Xilinx Board Utility is a command line tool used to perform various board installation, administration, and debug tasks independent of the SDAccel runtime library, and for the SDAccel tools installation.
  • SDSoC Utility: The sdx_pack utility allows for publishing RTL IP as a C library (.a file). For use by software developers.