SDx (sdx) Command Options

The sdx command is the primary interface for the SDx™ development environments. It provides options for specifying the workspace, and options of the project. The following are the options of the sdx command:

Display Options

The display options display the specified information intended for review, shown in the following table:

Table 1. Display Options
Option Description
-help Help -- display help information for SDx command option.
-version Display Version and quit.

Command Options

The command options specify how the sdx command is configured for the current workspace and project, shown in the following table:

Table 2. Command Options
Option Description
-workspace <workspace location> Specify the workspace directory for SDx projects.
{-lp <repository_path>} Add <repository_path> to the list of Driver/OS/Library search directories.
-report <report file> Specify the report file to load in SDx GUI.
-builddir <build directory>

Specify the directory containing build results to import as an SDx Build Results project.

This is typically the directory where you run the MAKE file.

-rundir <run directory>

(Requires -builddir) Specify the directory containing reports generated by the host executable. Default: build directory. Change this directory location to separate report files from build files.

These reports will be included in the SDx Build Results project.

-projectname <project name> (Requires -builddir) Specifies a name of the imported SDx Build Results project. Default: results_1
-eclipseargs <eclipse arguments> Eclipse-specifc arguments are passed to Eclipse.
-vmargs <java vm arguments> Additional arguments to be passed to Java VM.