Creating a Platform Project

A platform project is a customizable platform in the Vitis™ software platform. Platform projects can be created by importing hardware configuration XSA files, which are exported from the Vivado® Design Suite.

You can create a platform project by using the New Platform Project wizard. To create a platform project, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the New Platform Project dialog box using any one of the following methods:
    1. Go to File > New > Platform Project.
    2. Click File > New > Other to open the New Project wizard. Then select Xilinx > Platform Project, and click Next. The New Platform Project dialog box appears.
  2. Provide a project name in the Project name field.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Platform Project dialog box, choose Create from hardware specification (XSA) if you have the XSA exported from Vivado®. If you have not built the hardware yet, select Create from existing platform and choose one of the pre-defined platforms from the list.
    1. If you choose Create from hardware specification (XSA), use the following steps:
      1. Provide the XSA.
      2. Select the appropriate operating system and processor to create the platform based on your selection.
      3. Click Finish to create your platform project.
    2. If you choose Create from existing platform, use the following steps:
      1. Select a platform from the list of available platforms in the Load Platform Definition dialog box and click Finish.

        The platform project editor opens.

  5. Click to generate the platform. The Console tab shows the status of the platform generation.
  6. Optional: To see the hardware specification, switch from the Main tab to the Hardware Specification tab on the bottom left of the platform details window.

  7. Optional: You can change the sources and settings by clicking Board Support Package > Modify BSP Settings in the platform details window.

  8. Click the platform.spr file to reopen the platform project.