Setting Up the Environment to Run the Vitis Software Platform

To configure the environment to run the Vitis software platform, run the following scripts, which set up the environment to run in a specific command shell.

 #setup XILINX_VITIS and XILINX_VIVADO variables
 source <Vitis_install_path>/Vitis/2019.2/
 #setup XILINX_XRT
 source /opt/xilinx/xrt/
TIP: .csh scripts are also provided.
To specify the location of any platforms you have installed as directed in Installing Data Center Platforms, or Installing Embedded Platforms, set the following environment variable:
export PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS=<path to platforms>


To launch the Vitis software platform from Windows, do one of the following:

  • Launch from a desktop icon or Start menu command.
  • From a Windows command shell, use settings64.bat:
    C:> <VITIS_INSTALL_DIR>\VITIS\2019.2\settings64.bat

    And launch: vitis.