Opens an existing project, or creates a new one if the specified project does not exist.

IMPORTANT: The open_project command returns an error when opening a vivado_hls project unless the -upgrade or -reset option is used.

There can only be one active project in a Vitis HLS session.

To close a project:

  • Use the close_project command, or
  • Open or create another project with the open_project command.

Use the delete_project command to completely delete the project directory (removing it from the disk) and any solutions associated it.


open_project [OPTIONS] <name>
  • <name> specifies the project name.


  • Resets the project by removing any data that already exists in the project.
  • Removes any previous project information on design source files, header file search paths, and the top-level function. The associated solution directories and files are kept, but might now have invalid results.
Note: Use the -reset option when executing Vitis HLS with Tcl scripts. Otherwise, each new add_files command adds additional files to the existing data.

The delete_project command accomplishes the same thing as the -reset option, except that it removes all solution data.

Upgrade a Vivado HLS project to Vitis HLS.


Opens an existing project named Project_1, or creates a new one if it does not exist:
open_project Project_1
Opens a project and removes any existing data:
open_project -reset Project_2