Changed Behavior

Table 1. Changed Behavior SummaryThe following table specifies differences between this release and prior releases that impact behavior or flow when migrating.
Area Behavior
Vitis build process Instead of Vivado® HLS, v++ now invokes Vitis HLS.

For more information about the tools and their differences, refer to the Vitis HLS Migration Guide (UG1391).

The v++ --package process is a new step in the Vitis compiler build process for embedded processor platform users. The --package step follows the v++ --link step to complete the build.
Design analysis The debug_mode option replaces the launch_waveform option, which is now deprecated.
Vitis HLS The hls_video.h library for video utilities and functions has been deprecated and replaced by the Vitis vision library. More details on this GitHub video library migration guide.
Xilinx Runtime (XRT) The deprecated utilties xclbincat and xclbinsplit are removed.

To work with xclbin files, use xclbinutil.

The following APIs are deprecated:
  • xclResetDevice()
  • xclUpgradeFirmware(), xclUpgradeFirmware2(), and xclUpgradeFirmwareXSpi()
  • xclBootFPGA(), xclRemoveAndScanFPGA() and xclRegisterInterruptNotify()
  • xclLockDevice() and xclUnlockDevice()

In a future release, they will be removed.

For more information, see

To be consistent with clCreateBuffer flags, XCL_STREAM_WRITE_ONLY and XCL_STREAM_READ_ONLY are introduced.

The original flags (CL_STREAM_READ_ONLY and CL_STREAM_WRITE_ONLY) are being deprecated.