vitis_hls Command

The vitis_hls command opens in GUI Mode by default. However, you can also run vitis_hls interactively, specifying commands from the command line, or specifying Tcl scripts for the tool to run in batch mode.

To see what options are available for use with vitis_hls you can use the -help option:
vitis_hls -help
The vitis_hls command supports the following options:
  • -f <string>: Sources the specified file as a Tcl script of Vitis HLS commands, and executes the script.
  • -i: This option invokes the tool in interactive mode with a command prompt, ready to receive any Vitis HLS command, as documented in Project Commands, Configuration Commands, or Optimization Directives.
    TIP: When running the tool in interactive mode, you can type the help command to display a list of available Vitis HLS commands:
    vitis_hls> help
  • -l <string>: Defines the name and location of the Vitis HLS log file. By default the tool creates a log file called vitis_hls.log in the directory from which Vitis HLS was launched.
  • -n | -nosplash: Do not show the splash screen when starting the GUI.
  • -p: Open an existing project in GUI mode. Specify a project folder to open the project when you are launching the tool.
  • -version: Return the version of Vitis HLS being used.

The following example launches Vitis HLS in command-line interactive (CLI) mode:

vitis_hls -i