Vitis Environment Reference Materials

Revision History

The following table shows the revision history for this section.
Section Revision Summary
08/20/2020 Version 2020.1
Entire section No updates to this section.
06/24/2020 Version 2020.1
Vitis Compiler General Options Updated the details of the following commands:
  • --custom_script
  • --export_script
  • --advanced.param
06/03/2020 Version 2020.1
Vitis Compiler Command Updated for Vitis HLS.
Vitis Compiler General Options Made significant updates to the following options:
  • --custom_script
  • --dk
  • --from_step
  • --no_ip_cache
  • --remote_ip_cache
  • --reuse_impl
  • --to_step
  • --trace_memory
--advanced Options Made significant updates to the following options:
  • --advanced.param
  • --advanced.prop
--clock Options Added new options:
  • --clock.defaultTolerance
  • --clock.tolerance
--connectivity Options Updated option
--linkhook Options Added new section.
--package Options Added new section.
--vivado Options Made significant updates to the --vivado.prop option.
launch_emulator Utility Added new section.
manage_ipcache Utility Added new section.
platforminfo Utility Added platforminfo example for embedded processors.
xbutil Utility

Added additional information about the xbutil utility.

Made significant updates to all commands in this section.

xbmgmt Utility

Added additional information about the xbmgmt utility.

Made significant updates to all commands in this section.

xclbinutil Utility Made significant updates to the following sections:
xrt.ini File Added the following new keys:
  • Runtime group: ert_polling, exclusive_cu_context
  • Debug group: continuous_trace, continuous_trace_interval_ms, lop_trace, power_profile
  • Emulation group: debug_mode (replaces launch_waveform), user_pre_sim_script, user_post_sim_script, xtlm_aximm_log, xtlm_axis_log, timeout_scale
HLS Pragmas Added new pragmas to table.
Note: Starting in the 2020.1 release, all pragma descriptions are located in Vitis HLS Flow.


The reference materials contained here include the following:

  • Vitis Compiler Command: A description of the compiler options (-c), the linking options (-l), options common to both compile and linking, and a discussion of the --config options.
  • The xrt.ini file is used to initialize XRT to produce reports, debug, and profiling data as it transacts business between the host and kernels. This file is used when the application is run, for emulation or hardware builds, and must be created manually when the build process is run from the command line.
  • Various Xilinx utilities are provided for the Vitis tools and Xilinx® Runtime (XRT) to provide detailed information about the platform resources, including SLR and memory resource availability, to help you construct the v++ command line, and manage the build and run process.
    • platforminfo Utility: The platforminfo utility queries the platforms for which Vitis™ installation to use.
    • kernelinfo Utility: The kernelinfo utility prints the function definitions in the given Xilinx object file (O) file.
    • emconfigutil Utility: The emulation configuration utility (emconfigutil) is used to automate the creation of the emulation configuration file.
    • xclbinutil Utility: The xclbinutil utility operates on a xclbin produced by the Vitis Compiler.
    • xbutil Utility: The Xilinx Board Utility (xbutil) is a command line tool used to perform various board installation, administration, and debug tasks.
    • xbmgmt Utility: The Xilinx® Board Management (xbmgmt) utility is a standalone command line tool that is included with the Xilinx Runtime (XRT) installation package. It supports both Alveo Data Center accelerator cards and embedded processor-based platforms.
    TIP: The Xilinx® Runtime (XRT) Architecture reference material is available on the Xilinx Runtime GitHub repository.
  • package_xo Command: The Tcl command used in the Vivado Design Suite to package an RTL IP into an .xo file, as described in RTL Kernels.
  • HLS Pragmas: A description of pragmas used by the Vitis HLS tool in synthesizing C/C++ kernels.
  • OpenCL Attributes: Descriptions of __attributes that can be added to OpenCL™ kernels to direct the results of the kernel build process.