Debugging an Application using the User-Modified/Custom FSBL

Creating a Hello World Application

  1. Select File > New > Application Project.
  2. Provide a name for your project in the project name field.
  3. Select the platform that you created and generate the project.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Provide the system configuration and software details and click Next.
  6. Select a template to create your project (Example: Hello World).
  7. Click Finish to build the application project.

Modifying the Source Code of the FSBL in Platform

The source code of FSBL in platform can be modified in place. Building platform again compiles the FSBL in platform. For Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, the FSBL source code is located in <Platform>/zynqmp_fsbl and for Zynq-7000, the FSBL source code is located in <Platform>/zynq_fsbl. After you modify the source code, build the platform again to compile the FSBL in platform.

Modifying the BSP Settings of the FSBL in Platform

To modify the BSP settings of the FSBL, perform the following steps.
  1. Double-click platform.spr.
  2. Select Board Support Package on the platform page that opens.
  3. Click Modify BSP Settings. In the page that opens, you can modify the options and click OK to update the settings.
  4. Select the platform in the Explorer view and build the platform using the button.

Debugging the “Hello World” Application using the Modified FSBL

  1. Right-click the application project and select Debug As > Debug Configurations.
  2. Double-click Single Application Debug to create a new debug configuration.
  3. Click the Target Setup view.
  4. Check the Use FSBL flow for initialization check-box.

  5. Click Debug to switch the perspective.
  6. Select Yes to open the debug perspective.
  7. Browse to the modified FSBL .elf file path for FSBL File.
  8. Click Debug to switch the perspective.
  9. When prompted, select Yes to open the Debug perspective.