Migrating an SDK Project to the Vitis Software Platform

To migrate an SDK project to the Vitis software platform, perform the following steps.
IMPORTANT: Remember to back up your project before migration.
  1. Launch the Vitis IDE.
  2. Import the SDK project by navigating to File > Import.
  3. In the Import Projects view, select Eclipse workspace or zip file at the import type, and click Next.
  4. In the next view, select the root directory and projects to be imported.
  5. After a successful import, you can see the imported application project(s) or platform project(s) as shown below. The imported board support package is now present inside the platform project.

  6. You now need to update the hardware specification to the latest version. Right-click on the platform project, and click Update Hardware Specification.
  7. Select the XSA file that was exported from Vivado and click OK.
  8. After the update, an Out-of-date tag appears next to the platform project. Right-click on the platform project and then select Build Project. Build the application project again.