Bootgen Utility

CAUTION: This utility has been deprecated. Instead, use the -read option with bootgen command.

The bootgen_utility is a tool used to dump the contents of a Boot Image generated by Bootgen, into a human-readable log file. This is useful in debugging and understanding the contents of the different header tables of a boot image.

The utility generates the following files as output:

  • Dump of all header tables.
  • Dump of register init table.
  • Dump of individual partitions.
Note: If the partitions are encrypted, the dump will be the encrypted partition and not the decrypted one


        -arch <zynq | zynqmp> -bin <binary input file name>  -out <output text file>


        -arch zynqmp -bin boot.bin -out info.txt

Sample output file looks like the following:

Figure 1: Example Output