Running the ChipScope Pro Core Inserter
The ISE® and ChipScope Pro™ software are integrated. Within the ISE software, you can create a ChipScope Definition and Connection (CDC) file to associate with the HDL or EDIF design that you process in the Project Navigator. This file stores information about source files, destination files, core parameters, and core settings for the ChipScope Pro Core Inserter. The CDC file is also used as input to the ChipScope Pro Analyzer to import signal names.
The CDC file is treated as a source file, and appears in the Project Navigator Sources tab. You can double-click the file to launch the ChipScope Pro Core Inserter software in which you can specify the ChipScope Pro cores. After you define the ILA parameters and signal connections, the ChipScope Pro cores are automatically inserted into the design netlist as part of the Translate process.
Note For more information on ChipScope Pro, including how to purchase it, see the ChipScope Pro Web page. For more information on using ChipScope Pro, see the ChipScope Documentation.
Create your CDC file as described in Creating a Source File, selecting ChipScope Definition and Connection File as your source type. After you click Finish, the CDC file is added to your project and appears in the Sources tab when you select Implementation from the Design View drop-down list. Image
Only one CDC may exist in a project. To remove all traces of ChipScope Pro cores in an ISE project, remove the CDC file and recompile the design.
Note You must install ChipScope Pro to enable ChipScope Definition and Connection File as a source type option. The ISE and ChipScope Pro software versions must match to work properly, for example, ISE 8.1i is only compatible with ChipScope Pro 8.1i. Service Pack versions do not need to match.
To Run ChipScope Pro Core Inserter
  •  In the Project Navigator Sources tab, double-click the CDC file to launch ChipScope Pro Core Inserter and edit the file.
    Note For details, see the "Using the ChipScope Pro Core Inserter" chapter of the ChipScope Pro Software and Cores User Manual available from the ChipScope Documentation. For more information on editing files from Project Navigator, see Editing a Source File.
When you run the Translate process, the cores are automatically inserted into your design.
You can perform any of the following:
  •  Run or rerun the Translate process to create a netlist for the new cores. Image
  •  Run the Implement Design process. Image
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