Processes Tab
The Processes tab, located in the Processes window, is the area of the Project Navigator main window that displays the processes that are available for the project or source file selected in the Sources tab.
Processes, or the tasks and applications available from the Processes tab, enable you to synthesize and verify your design, implement your design, and configure the design to the device.
The processes available in the Processes tab change depending on the source or project file that is selected in the Sources tab and on the Design View currently opened. For example, in the Sources tab, select the Implementation Design View from the drop-down list, and select the top module (Image) to display Implement Design in the Processes tab. For more information, see Using the Design Views.
In the Processes tab, you can:
  •  Run a process. Image
  •  Set process properties. Image
Go to the Console tab for details on the processes that you run. For more information, see Using the Console, Errors and Warnings Tabs.
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