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Product Description

V-Nova LCEVC is a unique video encoding technology that significantly enhances the quality and throughput of any standard encoder such as AVC/H.264, HEVC, VP9 and – in the future - AV1. Playback is supported on a broad range of devices as it leverages the hardware decoding capabilities of the underlying codec that are already present. When combined with Xilinx FPGA, PERSEUS provides the highest density encoding solution in the market enabling use cases such as live 4kp60 encoding on a single card and accelerating the throughput of a server by up to 4x compared to existing solutions.

V-Nova LCEVC is a single board FPGA solution able to accelerate existing codec deployments, whether in software or in hardware or to run as a complete standalone encoding pipeline. The addition of V-Nova LCEVC to an existing transcoding farm increases throughput by up to 4x times, reducing operational costs and greatly increasing the viability of new services, such as UHDTV. V-Nova LCEVC is easily deployable as an additional software component to exiting workflows.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simple deployment to either accelerate and enhance an existing encoding pipeline or to use as a self-contained encoder running entirely on the FPGA platform
  • Broad end-user device support for all video streaming use cases
  • Industry-leading compression efficiency, deliver the same quality at up to 50% lower bitrates
  • Hyper-dense video encoding with live 4kp60 or multiple HD streams per card, increase throughput by up to 4x

Cloud Solution

  • AWS

On-Premises Solution

  • Alveo U200
  • Alveo U250

Supported Workloads

  • Video and Image Processing