OVS Offload

Product Description

Open vSwitch (OVS) Offload application implemented on Xilinx® Alveo™ Data Center Accelerator cards allows (virtual) machines (VMs) to communicate with each other in the external world. The OVS software based solutions are not only CPU intensive which affects the system performance but also prevents full utilization of the available bandwidth. By offloading the full packet processing functionality to the Xilinx Alveo platform, users can save CPU core and improve packet processing performance.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fastpath forwarding of traffic between specified vSwitch vPorts
  • Openflow controller support
  • Offers ideal platform for acceleration of NFV based networks
  • SR-IOV with DPDK Drivers (no additional drivers required)
  • P4 Based parsing (a context for Match-Action definitions)
  • Kernel flow table offload
  • Line rate throughput up to 100G

On-Premises Solution

  • Alveo U200
  • Alveo U280

Supported Workloads

  • Networking and Security