CTAccel Image Processing (CIP) Accelerator

CTAccel Limited

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Product Description

CTAccel Image Processing (CIP) accelerator is an FPGA-based image processing acceleration solution that greatly improves the performance of image processing and image analytics by transferring computational workload from CPU to FPGA. CIP's powerful processing capabilities benefit data centers by increasing image processing throughput by 3-7x, reduce computational latency by 3x, and reduce TCO by 3x. CIP redefines data center image processing with state-of-the-art technologies which utilize massively data parallel algorithm to increase computational performance.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Throughput Gain: 4-6 times more than CPU
  • Latency Reduction: 4 times less than CPU
  • TCO Reduction: 3x less, improve the computing density of DC, reduce racks
  • Software Compatible: ImageMagick, OpenCV, GraphicsMagick, Lepton

Cloud Solution

  • AWS

On-Premises Solution

  • Alveo U200

Supported Workloads

  • Video and Image Processing