Vitesse Data Deepgreen DB

Vitesse Data Inc

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Product Description

Vitesse Data Deepgreen DB is a scalable MPP data warehouse solution derived from the open source Greenplum Database Project and maintains 100% compatibility with the open source project. Deepgreen DB works seamlessly on local appliances or on public clouds. AWS F1 instances can be configured with up to 8 FPGA instances for a total of 64 vCPU and 976 GB of memory. Vitesse’s Data Deepgreen DB Solution is currently available on AWS EC2 F1 instances and Alveo U200 Acceleration Card.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Performance: On average 3x faster queries than Greenplum DB when running TPCH Benchmark
  • Geospatial Join: UDF (User Defined Functions) queries to find all devices serviced by each cell tower produces 10x speed improvements for this critical query for Wireless Service Providers
  • In-Database Machine Learning: Deepgreen DB on AWS F1 includes ML libraries that run frictionless on FPGAs.
  • Snippets of GO or PYTHON code can be interweaved into SQL queries and sent to TensorFlow or other ML libraries for training or inference

Cloud Solution

  • AWS

On-Premises Solution

  • Alveo U200

Supported Workloads

  • Data Analytics