b<>com [SDR-HDR Converter] (Beta Release)


Application Summary

This SDR-to-HDR technology provides a simple yet powerful way to convert SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content into an HDR (High Dynamic Range) format.  The algorithm intelligently exploits high dynamic range of the target display while carefully preserving the artistic intent of the source SDR video.

Vendor Modfied Size Container Version
b<>com January 23, 2020 515.11 MB sdr2hdr_u200_v1.0

Deployment Options

This application is containerized and can be easily run in a few minutes in the cloud, or on-premises.

Cloud Services
  • Xilinx Runtime: 2019.1
  • Target Platform: nx5u_xdma_201830_2
On Premises
Alveo U200
Coming Soon

FREE Evaluation in 10 minutes



1. Obtain Access Key


2. Setup Host (On-Premises)


3. Run the Application

Start Evaluation

Follow the instructions based on your deployment method.



Obtain Evaluation Access Key

An access key "cred.json" may be obtained through the Xilinx Acceleration Application Store.

1.1 Login to the Xilinx Acceleration Application Store

  • Create and account if you do not already have one.
  • Order “Xilinx AppStore Free Eval Plan” 

1.2 Create Access Key and Download it as “cred.json” File


Sign up for Nimbix Service

  • Go to Nimbix Cloud site to sign up for a free Alveo Trial: 


  • Once the sign-up form has been submitted, you will will recieve an e-mail with instructions for setting up your Nimbix account.
  • Complete setting up your Nimbix account for the free trial.


Application Execution

3.1 Select the Application on the Nimbix Platform

  • Sign-in to the Nimbix Platform: 


  • Click on the "b-com [SDR-HDR Converter]" application tile. 
  • Click on “SDR to HDR Converter” button in the lower left of the pop-up window.
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3.2 Run the Application

Use the following parameters and click on ‘Submit” button.
  • Machine Type: nx5u_xdma_201830_2
  • Cores: 16


  • Access Key: Select the "cred.json" file downloaded earlier on your computer
  • Input File: /samples/in.raw
  • Output File: out.raw



Once your job is complete, an “out.raw” HD HDR sample will be available on the Nimbix FTP.  You can download it and use Vooya video player to display it:

    vooya -p -w 1920 -h 1080 -r 60 --packing R210 --color rgb -b 10 out.raw

You can now use your own input video file by:

  • Uploading it on Nimbix FTP
  • Replacing “/samples/in.raw” with “/data/{YourFileName}” in the File Input arguments