Peakspeed Ortho


Application Summary

Peakspeed Ortho consists of a high performance orthorectification engine running on the Alveo card along with an image orchestration engine running on the host server. Users can expect orthorectification times 100X to 200X faster than their equivalent CPU-based implementations, and batch throughput around 1 GB/s.

The current instant access product is accessible on Nimbix.  Please contact Peakspeed for the AWS, Azure and on-premise (CentOS, Ubuntu, or docker) installable options.  

Vendor Modified Size Container Version
Peakspeed November 30, 2020 973.41 MB peakspeedOrtho_v1.0

Deployment Options

This application is containerized and can be easily run in a few minutes in the cloud.

Cloud Services
  • Xilinx Rumtime: 2020.1.1
  • Target Platforms (Alveo U200, Alveo U250)
    • nx_u200_202010
    • nx_u250_202010
    • nx5u
    • nx5u_xdma_201830_2_2_3
    • nx6u_xdma_201830_2_2_3
    • nx56u_202010


Try or Buy

Obtain an Access Key for Evaluation or Purchase

Begin your free trial and run the code sample below.

View and purchase available pricing plans for this application.

Start Evaluation

Follow the instructions based on your deployment method.



Obtain Demo or Pay-per-Use Access Key

An access key “cred.json” may be obtained through the Xilinx Acceleration Application Store.

1.1 Select the Application on the Nimbix Platform

  • Create an account if you do not already have one.
  • Navigate to “Store”; Under product “Peakspeed Ortho Demo (FREE TRIAL)” 
    or “Peakspeed Ortho (Pay-per-Use)” click “Select

1.2 Create Access Key and Download the “cred.json” File

  • Navigate to “Access Key; enter name and click Create an Access Key
  • In dialog, click “Download JSON to obtain the selected product’s “cred.json” file


Navigate to your Nimbix account (or sign up for a free Alveo Trial)

  •  For the free Alveo Trial, navigate to
  • Once the sign-up form has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for setting up your Nimbix account.
  • Complete setting up your Nimbix account for the free trial.


Application Execution

3.1 Select the Application on the Nimbix Platform

  • Sign-in to the Nimbix Platform, and navigate to :
  • Click on the “Peakspeed Ortho” application tile.
  • In the lower left of the dialog, click on “Peakspeed Ortho” or “Peakspeed Ortho Demo depending upon which application  you have downloaded the access key for above. 

3.2 Run the Application

For a quick test, click “SUBMIT” after completing tab “GENERAL” and a sample image will be orthorectified.

1. On tab “GENERAL”,

1.1. Machine type: Select from one of the following machine types currently listed as available from







1.2.  Access Key: Select the “cred.json” file downloaded in step 1 above.

1.3  Run Peakspeed example? Keep this checked to have the Peakspeed example image copied to a the “/peakspeed/” folder at the root of your data drive to quickly show how Peakspeed Ortho works. Uncheck this if you only want to orthorectify your custom images (as configurable on tab “OPTIONAL”).   

2. On tab “OPTIONAL”,

2.1. The paths below should all be a relative path from your Nimbix root “/data/” folder – as selected on tab “STORAGE”.

2.1.1.  Input folder: Single folder containing your pre-orthorectified image(s) with extensions (.nitf|.ntf|.tif|.tiff) and corresponding .rpb files (e.g. imageName.tif, imageName.rpb (The Free Trial runs a maximum of 25 custom images in a batch)

2.1.2.   Output folder: Folder where your orthorectified images should be placed.

2.1.3.   SRTM elevation folder: If using SRTM elevation data, enter the path to the .hgt files

2.1.4.   DTED elevation folder: If using DTED elevation data, enter the path to the level 0,1,or 2 folder to use.

2.2.  Output image prefix: Enter the prefix you would like to have appended to your orthorectified image.  Leave blank for “or_”

3. On tab “STORAGE”, select vault folder for your root “/data/” folder in paths above.  Keep “Read only” and “Force” unchecked.

4. Click “SUBMIT”; in dialog,  validate the auto-termination time for the job; click “OK



Once your job is complete…

4.1. All logs (and optional example images) can be found under the folder /data/peakspeed/

4.2. Any custom orthorectified images can be found in the output folder you specified under options.

4.3. Use your orthorectified images for continued analysis or load them up in the GIS viewer of your choice

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