PostgreSQL Accelerator

The Easiest Path to New Insights

  • 50x faster query & data loading, and 5x better price-performance.
  • Hardware acceleration for PostgreSQL without modifying code.
  • Hundreds of FPGA-based SQL readers & writers working in parallel.

Product Information

Swarm64 Data Accelerator allows PostgreSQL users to experience up to 50x faster analytic query and data insertion performance without modifying their applications.


Scale inside before you scale out - New database scaling options with Swarm64 and Xilinx.


Yana Krasteva, Vice President Product
Sebastian Dressler, Lead Solution Architect

Description: “Scale inside” with FPGA-based parallel processing for your database, then scale out. This webinar will get you thinking “outside the CPU” and show you the easiest way to increase analytic database performance by 50x.

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