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Personalizing Patient Care
with Accelerated Graph
Database Analytics

Technical Deep Dive

Learn how you can leverage TigerGraph’s accelerated graph analytics platform to drill down deep into member data for real-time results, without sacrificing performance – improving patient care paths, and your bottom line. Download your copy of our technical overview to learn more.

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Join TigerGraph in an On-Demand webinar to learn how AMD turbocharges Customer Journey/360 performance for healthcare organizations. Register now.

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Gain real-time insights from your connected data with TigerGraph. Try out our free Customer Journey/360 CosineSim tool kit on Github to get started.

Personalized patient care. In real time.

When it comes to patient care, providing care path recommendations in real time is essential to enabling better patient outcomes.

Imagine if you could provide a better patient experience, with insights delivered in the rhythm of a natural conversation and make your call center more efficient at the same time.

TigerGraph, the world’s fastest and most scalable graph analytics platform, enables you to connect, analyze, and learn from your siloed patient data.

Now with AMD acceleration, TigerGraph delivers critical care path recommendations in seconds, not minutes.

People in office, digital interface

Real-time data. Real results.

Before TigerGraph, the only way to identify patient similarity was to log on to 15 different systems, and spend hours, if not days, determining a personalized care path.

Now, with the click of a button, you can create a real-time 360° view of your members’ journey – improving their quality of care.

Integrate hundreds of datasets and pipelines to provide a unified view for each member driving higher productivity for call center operations
Find similar members in real time (under 50 ms)
Deliver care path recommendations for similar members

Key Features

TigerGraph enables you to drill down deep into member data without sacrificing performance. TigerGraph easily finds similarities up to 20 hops deep, even across disparate systems, and AMD acceleration delivers these results in seconds, allowing your representatives to provide your members with the comfort of instant, accurate answers.


Real-time Deep-Link Querying

Design Difference
  • Native graph design
  • C++ engine, for high performance
  • Storage Architecture
  • Uncovers hard-to-find patterns
  • Operational, real-time
  • HTAP: Transactions + Analytics

Handling Massive Scale

Design Difference
  • Distributed DB architecture
  • Massively parallel processing
  • Compressed storage reduces footprint and messaging
  • Integrates all your data
  • Automatic partitioning
  • Elastic scaling of resource usage

In-Database Analytics

Design Difference
  • GSQL: High-level yet Turning-complete language
  • User-extensible graph algorithm library, runs in-DB
  • ACID (OLTP) and Accumulators (OLAP)
  • Avoids transferring data
  • Richer graph context
  • In-DB machine learning

Demo of Cosine Similarity algorithm

The AMD Cosine Similarity algorithm for TigerGraph dynamically personalizes clinical outcome predictions by identifying and analyzing similar past patients, rather than accessing all available patient records.

With AMD, loading and analyzing terabytes of data with ten or more hops, is completed in seconds.

Watch this demo video to learn more.

TigerGraph's Graph Analytics Platform

Deeper, wider insights from member data. 300x faster than CPU.

Turbocharging your TigerGraph deployment with AMD is simple. Just deploy off-the-shelf AMD Alveo accelerator cards, fully qualified for this application on HPE ProLiant DL385, and realize a 300x performance gain on TigerGraph at 95% lower TCO compared to running on a CPU.

95% lower TCO vs CPU


300x better performance vs CPU


You’re in the business to help patients, not write code. 

Along with the HPE reference design for ready-to-go pre-qualified servers, all the tools, user guides and installation tips are available on GitHub.

Customer Journey/360 Cosine Similarity tool kit on GitHub:

- Customized User Defined Function (UDF) plug-ins to GSQL

- C/C++, Python and Jupyter Notebook

- AMD Vitis™ development flow



User Guide

User Guide









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Certified Alveo U50-based appliance available now from HPE

TigerGraph graph analytics is available in a HPE DL385 Gen 10+ server,  populated with up to 8 x Alveo U50 accelerator cards.

HPE DL385 Gen 10+ server

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