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Deepgreen DB for Video Discovery

Big Data meets smart ML on videos

  • Standard SQL Query on video and image files
  • On demand inferencing or batched subject classification
  • Derive unprecedented insights by joining videos with relational data

Product Information

Learn more about Deepgreen how it can classify, tag and ingest video and image data for querying instantly.


Vitesse Data Deepgreen, turning video/imaging data into real-time business insights


CK Tan, CEO/Founder, Vitesse Data
Dan Eaton, Senior Manager, Strategic Market Development

Description: Deepgreen DB for Video Discovery is a platform that integrates Big Data with smart ML. Application developers can use it to build big data solutions that derive insights from videos and relational data using standard SQL. The platform integrates massively parallel Postgres technology and Xilinx ML Suite on Alveo for unparalleled performance in video decoding and subject classification.

Free Trial

See it for yourself. Download the platform and try out the demos to learn about the power of extracting information out of video files.