XIlinx App Store for Alveo accelerator cards & Kria System on Modules

Pre-Built Applications for
Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards
and Kria SOMs


Introducing the App Store

Developed by Xilinx and ecosystem partners, the Xilinx App Store offers pre-built, containerized apps that deliver an easy way to evaluate, purchase, and deploy accelerated applications in the cloud or at the edge.


With ready-to-deploy accelerated applications spanning smart world AI video analytics to anti-money laundering and live video transcoding, developers can deploy effortlessly in the cloud or run their apps on-premises with Alveo data center accelerator cards.


Achieve embedded design simplicity for vision AI applications with production-grade accelerated applications targeting the Kria K26 SOM and KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit. Explore this new paradigm for software-based design while maintaining FPGA performance benefits and system-level flexibility for edge applications.