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Protect, monetize & sell your FPGA-accelerated applications and IPs

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Protect, Monetize & Scale Your Business

Deliver Cloud & On-premise applications — Fully managed. Sell anywhere.

The App Store offers a powerful platform to host, market and sell your solutions using a managed, easy to use, secure digital rights management (DRM) infrastructure, discoverable to global customers who need access to your technology in the Cloud or On-premise.

Expand Customer Reach

The App Store offers a one-stop shop for customer to discover, evaluate and deploy FPGA-accelerated solutions. Make your solutions instantly discoverable to a broad user base of businesses & organizations around the world.

Lead Gen & Analytics

Generate more leads by reducing all barriers for your customers to evaluate your solutions & IPs and access Business Intelligence dashboards for full visibility into metrics to grow your business and improve your products.

Flexible Billing Metrics

Choose billing that suits your business model – Subscription, Pay-per-Use, Time-based or Perpetual licensing – Our App Store DRM infrastructure supports it all enabling you to focus on your customers and developing the value-add of your solutions.

Payment Processing

Billing, invoicing, payment processing and tax collection are all taken care of automatically based on your preferences with a one-time setup. Focus your efforts on marketing and selling your solutions, let us handle the rest.

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Becoming a seller is completely free and requires no up-front costs


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Tell us more about your FPGA-accelerated application or IP that you wish to list and sell on the App Store. Our App Store on-boarding team will reach out to you with next steps.

Protect & Package

Work with our App Store team to integrate the Digital Rights Management (DRM) IP into your IP design or FPGA application and package it up for delivery as a Docker container or encrypted IP Core.

Select Billing Model

Select billing models and metrics for the apps you host and sell. Select from a range of different options that align with your business model. Including: metered pay-per-use, subscription-based, or perpetual licenses.

Publish & Sell

Setup your profile and product catalog page on our App Store to include specifics of your application and it’s key benefits. And that’s it – you’re ready to publish, be discovered and sell!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To become a Seller, all you need is a AMD-optimized solution that is ready to be evaluated or deployed by end customers. App Store has the infrastructure to support turnkey FPGA-accelerated solutions or reference examples as docker containers or packaged IP cores.
  • Sign up on the form to become a seller ​
  • Protect your IP / App and integrate the Accelize DRM IP ​
  • Package your App ​
  • Set your pricing plan on the portal​
  • Publish your application onto the App store
  • Make money! (automatic monthly payouts)
  • Becoming a Seller has no up-front costs associated with it and is totally free till you cross an aggregate of $250K in revenue earned through the App Store Portal. No costs to host and distribute your solutions on our platform till you start seeing significant returns for your business.
  • Please fill out the Registration Form with your contact information and product/solution details. You can use the text box in the form to ask any other specific questions you may have and our team will get in touch with you shortly.
  • As a Seller, you have the flexibility to choose from either a One-Off revenue model (Perpetual or Time-based License) or Recurring revenue model (Subscription or Pay-per-Use based on nodes, hours or usage-units). Our team will guide you through these steps as part of your on-boarding process.
  • Yes, once your solution is published on the App Store, the Seller portal will provide you access to a ‘Dashboard’ with all the necessary evaluation, usage data and insights you need for decision making.

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