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Pre-Built Applications for Kria


Acceleration Made Easy

Accelerated Applications for Adaptive Platforms

Easy Installation

Apps are packaged in Linux deployment frameworks for easy installation over the air via open-source mechanisms

Free Trial

Free evaluation with supported
documentation, getting started flows,
and additional tools and resources –
no hardware expertise needed

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy in diverse form factors for edge systems with scalability to Alveo™ accelerator cards for the cloud

Easy Updates

Dynamically upgrade to the latest version of the accelerated app, either to the starter kit or the deployed production SOM


Select App

and explore functionality,
specifications, and documentation

Download App

for free and evaluate on the
KV260 or KR260 Starter Kit

Follow Step-by-Step

Getting Started Guide
and be up and running in
less than an hour

Purchase App

for production deployment
on K26 Production SOM
(all AMD Xilinx apps are free)

Accelerated Apps

Accelerated apps enable developers to program and differentiate their designs at the software level,
without requiring FPGA programming experience.

Vision Apps

AMD Xilinx

Smart Camera 
by AMD Xilinx

AMD Xilinx

AI Box with ReID
by AMD Xilinx

AMD Xilinx

Defect Detection
by AMD Xilinx

Robotics Apps

AMD Xilinx

ROS 2 Perception Node
by AMD Xilinx

AMD Xilinx

10GigE Vision Camera
by Sensor to Image, FRAMOS, AMD Xilinx

Demonstration Apps

Demonstration apps are similar to accelerated apps except they are intended for evaluation purposes only.
Evaluate capabilities on a starter kit and inquire about next steps with the accelerated app provider.
Uncanny Vision

Smart Model Select
by Avnet and Avnet Silica

AMD Xilinx

by AMD Xilinx

Become a Seller

Develop Apps – Monetize and Distribute


Develop Apps – Monetize and Distribute

The AMD Xilinx App Store offers a powerful platform to host and market your unique edge applications, algorithms, and IP cores (optimized for Kria™ SOM platforms) using a managed infrastructure. The accelerated application format for delivering designs is the easiest way for AMD Xilinx customers to evaluate your solution and is also streamlined for the application-focused solution developer when compared to the traditional IP product deployment process.


Kria System-on-Modules (SOMs)

Kria SOMs, a portfolio designed for edge deployment from starter kit to production, simplify system development, helping you get your product to market faster.