Denali 3.0 HDR Image Signal Processor (ISP)

Denali™ 3.0 is Pinnacle Imaging Systems’ image signal processor (ISP) optimized for the Kria™ AI Vision Starter Kit. Combined with Pinnacle’s HDR IAS sensor module, users can take advantage of this full featured ISP to custom develop vision and deep learning applications with real-time performance in high contrast environments with up to 120db of dynamic range.

Xilinx Partner Created Demo Video


  • Optimized for KV260 SOM and AI Vision Starter Kit​
  • Support for ON Semi AR0239 HDR 1080p/30 Full HD Sensor​
  • 3-frame exposure merge block​
  • 120dB/20EV High Dynamic Range​
  • Proprietary locally adaptive tone mapping technology​
  • 16-bit processing pipeline​
  • Low latency​
  • Auto de-ghosting and motion compensation​
  • Auto halo elimination​
  • Auto EV bracketing​
Accelerate Your AI-Enabled Edge Solution with Adaptive Computing

Introducing Adaptive System-on-Modules

Learn all about adaptive SOMs, including examples of why and how they can be deployed in next-generation edge applications, and how smart vision providers benefit from the performance, flexibility, and rapid development that can only be achieved by an adaptive SOM.

Accelerate Your AI-Enabled Edge Solution with Adaptive Computing