Smart Model Select Demonstration Application

The Smart Model Select application is a tutorial example on how to create a custom application for Kria™ SOM. The Smart Model Select application features one of the Vitis™ Video Analytics SDK (VVAS) examples, which has been ported to the Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit.

AMD Partner Video: Avnet


  • Modified version of the Smart Model Select example from the Vitis Video Analytics SDK (VVAS)
  • Four inputs: video file, RTSP stream, USB camera, or MIPI camera (AR1335)
  • Sixteen classification and object detection models
  • Complete application tutorials ​

Hardware Needed:

Partner Information


Avnet Hardware/Software Design Service

This Smart Model Select Application was developed in coordination with Avnet, Silica, and their design services division to provide a tutorial example that developers could leverage for their next Kria design.  In addition to hardware/software design service capabilities around Kria, there are several reasons you might consider working with Avnet for support with your next design:

  • Avnet has a growing portfolio of AMD development kits, System-on-Modules (SOMs), and embedded board solutions to support designers from concept to production. 
  • Avnet is also adept in addressing customer design needs from a system level approach with hardware and software solutions.
  • Avnet also offers unique AMD training programs, both in-person and on-demand that help designers learn what they need to know in a very concise and practical manner.
  • Finally, Avnet supports all of this with a global applications engineering team of over 150 engineers.

If you would like to engage Avnet in the development of your application on the Kria SOM platform, please inquire below.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the app does not require any experience in FPGA design.

The design is targeted to 1920x1080@60Hz, although it could be rebuilt to target other hardware supported resolutions by adapting the design while following the design tutorials.

This is a free application which is based upon AMD provided example design code which is provided free of charge.

Please refer to the following project:

Please refer to the following Element14 blog series:

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