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Digilent Arty S7-25: Spartan-7 FPGA for Makers and Hobbyists

The Arty S7 board features new Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA and is the latest member of the Arty family for Makers and Hobbyists. The Spartan-7 FPGA offers the most size, performance, and cost-conscious design engineered with the latest technologies from Xilinx. Putting this FPGA in the Arty form factor provides users with a wide variety of I/O and expansion options. Use the dual row Arduino® connectors to mount one of the hundreds of hardware compatible shields available, or use the Pmod ports with Digilent's pre-made Pmod IP blocks for a more streamlined design experience. Arty S7 was designed to be MicroBlaze ready and comes out of the box ready to use with Xilinx's WebPACK licensing.

Key Features and Benefits

  • DSP slices: 80
  • Clock management tiles: 3
  • Block RAM (Kbits): 1,620
  • Flip-flops: 29,200
  • Slices: 3,650
  • Logic cells: 23,360
  • 1 MSPS on-chip ADC
  • FPGA part: XC7S25-CSGA324

What's Included

  • Arty S7-25
  • Digilent cardboard packaging with protective foam

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