Alveo for HPE servers


Xilinx® Accelerators for HPE are designed to dramatically increase performance in HPE servers across cloud and on-premises data centers to help accelerate the workloads running in a hybrid cloud environment. Experience breakthrough performance improvements with low latency while running key data center applications such as real-time machine learning, training, inference, video transcoding and encoding, genomics, and data analytics. This series features two flexible options, U50 and U250, to help optimize and adapt to ever-changing business environments.

HPE Qualified Server

Xilinx Accelerator Card Form Factor Processor Type Server Model Max Cards
Alveo U50 PCIe Intel DL380 Gen10 7
Alveo U50 PCIe AMD DL385 Gen10 Plus 8
Alveo U250 PCIe Intel DL380 Gen10 3
Alveo U250 PCIe AMD DL385 Gen10 Plus 3
XtremeScale X2522-25G PCIe AMD DL325 Gen10 Plus -
XtremeScale X2522-25G-PLUS PCIe AMD DL325 Gen10 Plus -

Xilinx Runtime and Target Platform Package Files - HPE Qualified Servers