Vivado Design Suite for On-Premise Dev for AWS EC2 F1 Instances


Product Description

Develop on-premise.  Deploy in the cloud.

The Xilinx® Vivado® Design Suite for public cloud allows you to install Vivado locally on your own computers and servers for later deployment on Xilinx FPGAs in the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) F1 instances in the Amazon EC2 public cloud are supported by the current version of Vivado Design Suite.

Device Support: Virtex® UltraScale+™ XCVU9P FPGA

Design Flow

With SDAccel® development environment and its standard OpenCL APIs it is possible to implement a complete application fully written in a C based language (OpenCL for the host code and kernel with optionally C or C++ for the latter).

Developers wanting to use (or reuse) RTL kernels for better performance or area efficiency have the ability to import their RTL as kernel into the SDAccel environment while still using the standard OpenCL APIs for host-kernel data transfers.

Lastly, a custom flow is available through the AWS HDK (Hardware Development Kit).  The design (fully RTL or based on HLx) is then compiled to a Vivado design check point that will get processed by the Amazon utilities and connected to the host code through custom APIs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility – Complete Vivado Design Suite can be used for deploying your designs on-premise, in the cloud, or both
  • Security – Keep sensitive data stored in local environment while developing for cloud deployment
  • SDAccel license is offered free of charge if a valid Vivado license was previously purchased
  • Network Accessibility and Control – Lessens bandwidth restrictions for remote sites
  • Re-use – Existing Vivado customers can extend their current license by adding on the Vivado Design Suite for public cloud at no extra charge

What's Included

  • Vivado Design Suite System Edition : Device locked to XCVU9P
  • Dynamic Function eXchange
  • SDAccel™ Development Environment
  • IEEE 1735-2014 Encryption

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Node-Locked vs Floating?

If you have already purchased a Vivado System or Design Edition license and are looking for the On-Premise license key, please visit the account that your Vivado license is in at the Product Licensing Site. If you do not see the license in your account with your Vivado license please log a service ticket with customer service.