Comprehensive Set of Design Methodologies


UltraFast Design Methodology Overview

In order to maximize system performance, reduce risk and enable accelerated and predictable design cycles, Xilinx delivers the first comprehensive set of design methodologies in the programmable industry. Xilinx collected the best practices of expert users and distilled them into an authoritative set of methodology guidelines called the UltraFast™ Design Methodology.

Xilinx has created comprehensive UltraFast Design Methodology Guides that cover key principles, specific do's and don'ts, best practices, and ways to avoid pitfalls. In some topics, Xilinx provide real life use cases to illustrate concepts. The methodologies presented is a reflection of user experiences and learning gained from system development inside and outside of Xilinx.

Xilinx is also working with its ecosystem of Alliance members to integrate the UltraFast Design Methodology into their tools and IP. Many Xilinx Premier and Certified Alliance Members have successfully completed the UltraFast Design Methodology Certification to further accelerate design productivity.

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What's New

Xilinx introduces the UltraFast High-Level Productivity Design Methodology Guide for the Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions. Over the last 3 years, leading edge Xilinx customers have pioneered and matured the enabling C and IP-based design technologies and methodologies now included in the HLx Editions, and realized a 10-15X productivity gain over traditional approaches. The UltraFast High-Level Productivity Methodology Guide focuses on:

  • Using parallel development flows for the valuable Intellectual Property (IP) which differentiates products in the marketplace
  • Extensive use of a C-based IP development flow to provide simulations that are orders of magnitude faster than RTL simulations, as well as accurately timed and optimized RTL
  • Use of existing pre-verified platform, block, and component-level IP to quickly build your system
  • Use of scripts to highly automate the flow from accurate design validation through to programmed FPGA
Training & Support

Training Courses

Xilinx hands-on FPGA and Embedded Design training provides you the foundational knowledge necessary to begin designing right away. These programs target both engineers new to FPGA technology and experienced engineers developing complex connectivity, digital signal processing, or embedded solutions. Contact your local Sales Rep or Authorized Training Provider to see if your company has any Training Credits available. Learn more

Vivado HLx QuickTake Video Tutorials

Xilinx is developing QuickTake Video Tutorials in order to assist our users in making the transition from the ISE software tools to the Vivado® Design Suite. This entire solution is brand new, so we can't rely on previous knowledge of the technology. Xilinx recognizes that not everyone has the time to read through the User Guide or perform software interactive tutorials. Learn more