DVB-RCS Turbo Decoder

  • Vendor: Creonic GmbH
  • Certified Alliance Member

Product Description

DVB-RCS (Digital Video Broadcasting - Interaction channel for satellite distribution systems) is an established ETSI standard for digital data transmission via satellites. It uses a 8-state double-binary turbo code that has an excellent error correction performance. This outstanding performance of the DVB-RCS turbo codes makes it the ideal candidate for further applications where high spectral efficiency is key for lowering costs.

Applications •Satellite communication (Interactive Services, Professional Services, TDMA) •Applications with highest demands on forward error correction •Applications with the need for a wide range of code rates (1/3 and above) and block lengths

Your Benefits •Gains up to 4 dB compared to convolutional codes. •Design-time configuration of throughput, input bit widths, and maximum block length for optimal resource utilization. •Low-power and low-complexity design. •Burst-to-burst on-the-fly configuration. •Configurable interleaver parameters allow for support of custom block lengths. •On-the-fly bit error rate measurement. •High block length and code rate granularity. •Configurable amount of turbo decoder iterations for trading-off throughput and error correction performance.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compliant with ETSI 301 790 V1.4.1 (2005-09) (DVB-RCS)
  • Support for all turbo code block lengths (12 to 216 bytes) and code rates (1/3 to 6/7) as defined by the standard
  • Support for QPSK and 8-PSK interfacing

Device Implementation Matrix

Device utilization metrics for example implementations of this core. Contact provider for more information.

Family Device Speed Grade Tool Version HW Validated? Slice LUT BRAM DSP48 CMT GTx FMAX (Mhz)
KINTEX-7 Family XC7K325T -2 ISE 14.4 N 2124 5654 5 0 0 0 250

IP Quality Metrics

General Information

This Data was Current On Jun 10, 2020
Current IP Revision Number 2.0
Date Current Revision was Released Nov 21, 2019
Release Date of First Version Jun 14, 2013

Production Use by Xilinx Customers

Number of Successful Xilinx Customer Production Projects 1
Can References be Made Available? Y


IP Formats Available for Purchase Netlist, Source Code
Source Code Format(s) VHDL
High-Level Model Included? Y
Model Formats C, C++, Matlab
Integration Testbench Provided Y
Integration Test Bench Format(s) VHDL
Code Coverage Report Provided? Y
Functional Coverage Report Provided? Y
UCFs Provided? N
Commercial Evaluation Board Available? N
Software Drivers Provided? N


Code Optimized for Xilinx? Y
Standard FPGA Optimization Techniques Instantiation
Custom FPGA Optimization Techniques None
Synthesis Software Tools Supported/Version Xilinx XST
Static Timing Analysis Performed? Y
AXI Interfaces AXI4-Stream
IP-XACT Metadata Included? N


Is a Document Verification Plan Available? Yes, document only plan
Test Methodology Both
Assertions N
Coverage Metrics Collected Code, Functional
Timing Verification Performed? N
Timing Verification Report Available N
Simulators Supported Other / Aldec RivieraPRO

Hardware Validation

Validated on FPGA N
Industry Standard Compliance Testing Passed N
Are Test Results Available? N