USB 2.0 On-The-Go (USB2_OTG)

Product Description

A ‘Dual-Role’ USB 2.0 On-The-Go IP Core that operates as both a USB 2.0 peripheral or as a USB 2.0 OTG host in a point-to-point communications with another USB device. The USB OTG IP Core is fully USB 2.0 and USB 2.0 On-The-Go Supplement compliant. A USB OTG IP Core is ideal for applications where the target device must act as a peripheral and as a host, depending the situation. It provides portable devices with a cost-effective way of conducting point-to-point communications using the USB bus. A good example is a PDA which has to be a peripheral that can sync with a host PC, but can also be a host when a peripheral, such as a keyboard or a camera, is connected to it.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed Support.
  • No local memory required.
  • OPB, AHD or WISHBONE Bus Interface.
  • Up to 16 endpoints supported.
  • USB IF Certified HS-OTG IP Core.
  • UTMI L2+ OR ULPI interface available.
  • SRP and HNP protocols support.

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Device Implementation Matrix

Device utilization metrics for example implementations of this core. Contact provider for more information.

Family Device Speed Grade Tool Version HW Validated? Slice LUT BRAM DSP48 CMT GTx FMAX (Mhz)
VIRTEX-7X Family XC7VX485T -2 Vivado 2018.1 Y 1142 2968 1 0 0 0 150
KINTEX-7 Family XC7K325T -1 Vivado 2018.1 Y 1450 3480 1 0 0 0 135
Zynq-7000 Family XC7Z045 -2 Vivado 2018.1 Y 1517 3508 1 0 0 0 145
Spartan 6T Family XC6SLX45T -2 Vivado 2018.1 Y 1677 3498 1 0 0 0 135
VIRTEX5LXT Family XC5VLX50T -2 Older Version 1964 4520 1 0 0 0 125
VIRTEX6LXT Family XC6VLX240T -1 ISE 14.1 Y 1347 3467 1 0 0 0 150

IP Quality Metrics

General Information

This Data was Current On Jan 09, 2019
Current IP Revision Number 2.6
Date Current Revision was Released Sep 22, 2014
Release Date of First Version Sep 26, 2005

Production Use by Xilinx Customers

Number of Successful Xilinx Customer Production Projects 28
Can References be Made Available? N


IP Formats Available for Purchase Source Code
Source Code Format(s) Verilog
High-Level Model Included? N
Integration Testbench Provided Y
Integration Test Bench Format(s) Verilog
Code Coverage Report Provided? N
Functional Coverage Report Provided? N
UCFs Provided? UCF
Commercial Evaluation Board Available? Y
FPGA Used on Board Virtex-7
Software Drivers Provided? Y
Driver OS Support Standalone


Code Optimized for Xilinx? N
Custom FPGA Optimization Techniques none
Synthesis Software Tools Supported/Version Xilinx XST / 14.7
Static Timing Analysis Performed? N
AXI Interfaces AXI4-Lite
IP-XACT Metadata Included? Y


Is a Document Verification Plan Available? Executable and documented plan
Test Methodology Directed Testing
Assertions N
Coverage Metrics Collected Functional
Timing Verification Performed? N
Timing Verification Report Available N
Simulators Supported Cadence NC-Sim / 10.2

Hardware Validation

Validated on FPGA Y
Hardware Validation Platform Used VC707
Industry Standard Compliance Testing Passed Y
Specific Compliance Test OTG 2.0 Compliance
Test Date Jun 15, 2006
Are Test Results Available? N