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HATI (High Accuracy Timing IP)

Product Description

The HATI (High Accuracy Timing IP) is an FPGA core intended to provide sub-nanosecond synchronization accuracy by using 1/10 Gbps optical fiber links. The core is based on IEEE-1588, Sync-E and precise clock compensation to achieve subnano error levels. It doesn’t need any specific hardware and doesn’t interfere in the regular 1/10G traffic.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic compensation of asymmetries. Easily integrable.
  • Robustness & redundancy.
  • Distance range: over 80 km using fiber without amplifiers.
  • Sub-nanosecond time accuracy.

IP Quality Metrics

General Information

This Data was Current On Sep 02, 2020
Current IP Revision Number 2.0
Date Current Revision was Released Sep 08, 2018
Release Date of First Version May 08, 2018

Production Use by Xilinx Customers

Number of Successful Xilinx Customer Production Projects 2
Can References be Made Available? N


IP Formats Available for Purchase Netlist
Source Code Format(s) VHDL
High-Level Model Included? N
Model Formats C
Integration Testbench Provided Y
Integration Test Bench Format(s) VHDL
Code Coverage Report Provided? N
Functional Coverage Report Provided? N
UCFs Provided? XDC
Commercial Evaluation Board Available? Y
FPGA Used on Board Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC
Software Drivers Provided? Y
Driver OS Support Y


Code Optimized for Xilinx? N
Custom FPGA Optimization Techniques None
Synthesis Software Tools Supported/Version Xilinx XST
Static Timing Analysis Performed? N
AXI Interfaces AXI4, AXI4-Lite
IP-XACT Metadata Included? Y


Is a Document Verification Plan Available? Yes, document only plan
Test Methodology Directed Testing
Assertions N
Coverage Metrics Collected Code
Timing Verification Performed? Y
Timing Verification Report Available Y
Simulators Supported Xilinx lSim

Hardware Validation

Validated on FPGA N
Industry Standard Compliance Testing Passed N
Are Test Results Available? N