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Aurora 8B/10B Virtex-4FX

Product Description

Aurora is a LogiCORE IP designed to enable easy implementation of Xilinx RocketIO transceivers while providing a light-weight user interface on top of which designers can build a serial link. Aurora 8B/10B is a scalable, lightweight, link-layer protocol for high-speed serial communication. The protocol is open, free of charge, and can be implemented by licensees in any silicon device/technology.

Aurora is typically used in applications where other industry standard serial interfaces are not needed and Aurora delivers low-cost, high data-rate, scalable and flexible means to build a serial data channel. Its simple framing structure can easily be used to encapsulate data from existing protocols, and its electrical requirements are compatible with commodity equipment. Aurora can be used to provide increased performance without high FPGA resource costs, software redevelopment, or exotic physical infrastructure.

Aurora can be used in any application that requires serial point-to-point connectivity. Example applications include:

  • Chip-to-chip links. Significantly reduce the trace count on PCBs with minimal FPGA resource costs. Examples: Line cards, multi-device partitioning, high-speed ASIC-FPGA connections
  • Board-to-board and backplane links. Increase system throughput using existing cables, connectors, and backplanes. Examples: Short-reach optics, ATCA Backplanes
  • Streaming data applications. Infinite frames with arbitrary Idle insertion make it easy to stream data through Aurora channels. Examples: Data cell transfer with low overhead, Video streams
  • One-way connections. Aurora simplex channels enable low cost, high-speed serial links in a single direction. Examples: Video data offload, long-haul data transfer

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low resource costs
  • Scalable throughput from 622 Mbps to over 100 Gbps
  • Bonds maximum 16 RocketIO™ transceivers running at any supported line rate
  • Full-duplex and simplex channels
  • Automatically initializes and maintains channel
  • Flexible framing with unlimited frame sizes and easy to use Xilinx LocalLink interface
  • Data streaming using infinitely long frames and simplified interface
  • Aurora protocol specification v2.0 compliant (8B/10B encoding)
  • Optional built-in flow control
  • Delivered as Verilog or VHDL source code

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