AXI External Peripheral Controller


Product Description

The AXI External Peripheral Controller (AXI EPC IP Core) supports data transfers between the AXI4 Interface and external synchronous and/or asynchronous peripheral dices evices such as USB and LAN devices, which have processor interface. Examples of peripheral devsupported by the AXI EPC include the 10/100 non-PCI Ethernet single chip (SMSC LAN91C111) from SMSC and CY7C67300 USB Controller from Cypress Semiconductor devices.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Connects as a 32-bit slave on AXI4-Lite Interface
  • Byte enable support
  • Parameterized support of up to four external peripheral devices with each device configured with separate base address and high address range
  • Supports both synchronous and asynchronous access modes of peripheral devices with the support for a separate clock domain for synchronous peripheral devices
  • Supports both multiplexed and non-multiplexed address and data buses
  • The data width of peripheral devices is independently configured to 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit with the provision to enable data width matching when the AXI data width is greater than that of peripheral device
  • Configurable timing parameters for peripheral bus interface
  • Tested with the SMSC LAN91C111 and the Cypress CY7C67300 USB Controller devices



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