AXI Sideband Formatter Utility


Product Description

The Xilinx® LogiCORE™ AXI Sideband Formatter Utility is used to insert and recover sideband information onto the AXI USER signals for transport across an AXI network. It takes advantage of the way that the AXI SmartConnect IP propagates USER signals across an arbitrary network topolgy with arbitrary transaction transformations. It works by adding low-order bits to the USER field to pass on parity or a master ID (SMID), preserving existing USER data in the process.

The Sideband IP extends the information content carried by AXI by passing on information that may be useful to an embedded system, as in the case of the SMID, while preserving standard AXI interface compliance.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports AXI3 and AXI4
  • Inserts and extracts SMID, for use with an SMMU
  • Generates and detects parity on Write and Read channels
  • Preserves existing USER fields



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